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ASSIGNMENT:  To develop a flame retardant capstock for polymer/wood products that would pass the highest level of flame retardancy testing methods.

STRUKTOL SOLUTION:      STRUKTOL® SA ---- (developed for your specific needs)

When a flame is applied, the surface forms a carbonaceous shell covering the fuel source and will extinguish upon removal of the flame source.  While the flame source is being applied, there is an absence of black smoke or soot developed as common with most flame retardants.


Formula without STRUKTOL® SA ----
Formula with STRUKTOL® SA ----
Flame source extinguished after 10 seconds.
Flame source still on after 5 minutes.

STRUKTOL® SA ---- was made for a special purpose.  This technology can be applied to your product.  Formulas may vary depending on test required and your formula.  Please contact our technical department for your requirements.


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