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Plastics Applications Laboratory Reports

Click on titles to view laboratory reports.

89006                    Improved Flow, Processing of Impact Modified
                            ABS Concentrate
89011                    Improved Injection Molding of HIPS
89014                    Reduced Viscosity and Melt Fracture of Sarlink 2170
89016                    TR065 as a Process Aid in PVC Pipe
89019                    Improved Processing of Flame Retarded HIPS
89020                    Improved Dispersion of TiO2 in Plasticized PVC
89021                    Improved Processing and Maintained Critical Properties of
                            Flame Retarded ABS
89022                    Improved Processing and Dispersion of Talc-Filled
89029                    Improved Impact Resistance of ABS
89031                    Supplement to PL89019 - Improved Processing of Flame
                            Retarded HIPS
91001                    Supplement to PL89031- Improved Processing of Flame
                            Retarded HIPS
91002                    Reduction of Splay in Black, Talc-Filled Polypropylene
91003                    Improved Heat and Shear Stability of ABS
91004                    Processability of Highly Loaded PVC Floor Tile Compound
91008                    Mixing and Dispersion of a 60% Ti02 Concentrate in HIPS
91014                    Mixing of a Calendared Roofing Compound
92001                    TR016 vs. PE Wax in Talc-Filled Polypropylene
92007                    Flow Enhancement of PC-ABS
92008                    TR060 vs. K120 Process Aid in ABS Modified Rigid PVC
92009                    Processability and Surface Effects of a PVC Wire Compound
92010                    Viscosity Reduction of Fractional Melt ABS
92012                    ABS Dried with TR016
93001                    Viscosity Modification of Cellular Core ABS Pipe Compound
93002                    Capillary Rheology vs. Melt Flow Rate of Compounded ABS
93003                    Processability of a Recycled Polypropylene-Based TPO
93005                    Improved Processing of 40% Talc-Filled Polypropylene
93006                    Improved Surface Appearance and Processability of
                            Santoprene 101-55
93008                    Improved Processing of Blendex ABS Modified Rigid PVC
93010                    Supplement to PL 93001 - Viscosity Modification of Cellular
                            Core ABS Pipe
93011                    TR251 (Experimental Code SA9307) in ABS
93012                    Viscosity Reduction of Talc-Filled Surlyn
93014                    Viscosity Reduction of LDPE using STRUKTOL®

93021                    Improved Processability of LLDPE with 50% carbon black
93022                    Processability and Dispersion of White Color Concentrate in
94004                    Processability of Highly Loaded, Reprocessed EVA
94012                    Heat stability of Zinc Stearate
94013                    Processability of Silica-Filled EVA/CPE Shoe Sole
95005                    Improved Processing and Dispersion of Channel Black
                            in LDPE
95009                    Improved Mixing of an EPR/PP Alloy
95012                    Dispersion Improvement and Viscosity Reduction of a
                            Carbon Black Concentrate (50%) in LDPE
97001                    Processability of LDPE with 50% Talc
98001                    TR016 vs. Oleamide (TR121) for Release in Polypropylene
98002R                  Processability and Dispersion of Mg(OH)2 Filled
98005                    Processing Improvements in Low Hardness Thermoplastic
98007                    Mold Release Performance Evaluation with TR 016
98009                    Low Temperature Processing of PVC/ATH Flame Retarded
                            Wire Compounds
98011                    Improved Pigment Dispersion with TR251 vs. EBS
99005                    TR044 vs. Glycolube P in Unfilled Polycarbonate
99005 supplement    TR044 vs. Glycolube P in Unfilled Polycarbonate
                   Improved Processing of Wood-Filled Polypropylene
99016                    Improved Dispersion of Chromothal Yellow in a
                            Polypropylene-based Concentrate
99027                    Improved Processing and Physical Properties of HDPE
                            with Regrind
99033                    Impact Properties of Wood-Filled Composites
00009                    Denesting of Clear Rigid PVC for Sheet
00011                    Mold Release for Clear ABS/SAN
00040                    Lubricant Package for Rigid PVC
00055                    Improved Processing of Polystyrene/Wood Composite
01015                    Viscosity Reduction of Polypropylene Via Peroxides
                            and Lubricants
01019                    Lubricants for Foamed Polypropylene/Wood Composite

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