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Struktol Company of America, LLC new V-Wax E and V-Wax OP have been designed to replace montanic waxes in a variety of applications and provide similar properties and use characteristics.


Traditional montanic wax products are based on the extraction of plant wax from lignite which is refined and processed into products used in a variety of applications such as polishes, coatings, and as lubricants for paper and plastics.  The recent global shortage of available raw materials has caused users to eliminate these types of products from their applications or actively search for adequate replacements.  The new products from Struktol are designed to be drop-in replacements for Montan Wax E and Montan Wax OP.  They have been shown to provide equivalent processing and performance characteristics in a variety of applications and their inherent chemical characteristics fit under most current specifications for montan waxes.

STRUKTOL® V-WAX Specification vs. Typical Montan Waxes


Acid Value(mg KOH/g)

Density (g/cm3)
@ 20°C

Dropping Point



Microbeads or Pastilles

~ 10

~ 0.97

~ 80

~ 8 cPs
(@ 120°C)

“Typical” Montan Wax E

Flakes or

~ 18

~ 1.02

~ 81

~ 30 cPs
(@ 100°C)



Granules or Powder

~ 15

~ 0.97

~ 101

~ 108 cPs
(@ 120°C)

“Typical” Montan Wax OP


~ 12

~ 1.02

~ 99

~ 300 cPs
(@ 120°C)

Potential applications for STRUKTOL® V-Wax E and V-Wax OP are:  lubricants and release agents for PVC, polyolefins, polyamides, thermoplastic polyesters, polyurethanes, thermosets and other plastics.  In addition these products are used as pigment carriers, in coatings for paper, electronics and polishes.

For additional information please email us at vwax@struktol.com

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