Struktol Company of America, LLC

For Wire and Cable

STRUKTOL® Innovative Additives are designed to help you enhance wire and cable compound processing.

TR 016 (calcium based) – recommended for highly-filled compounds providing improved dispersion, metal release, and viscosity control

TR 041 (non-metal based) – for improved processing of flame retarded, cross-linked HDPE and a good option for highly loaded non-halogen FR systems

TR 071 (zinc based) – provides good flexibility at low temperatures & helps reduce viscosity; particular efficiency with highly loaded flame retarded compounds

TR 121 / TR 131 / TR 141 – for reduction of surface friction properties; these additives bloom to the surface to reduce wire pull-through force

TR 251 – enhanced functionality over EBS with similar gloss properties

WB 212 – reduces mixing temperatures – improves gloss & finish on the cover

For High Speed PVC Wire & Cable:

V-PEDS / VLB 602 / VLB 618 –resist plate out; useful where surface printability or higher surface energy is required


  • Improved Processing
  • Reduced Viscosity
  • Improved Surface
  • Increased Throughput