Struktol Company of America, LLC

Product Overview

TR 016

An extremely effective lubricant and wetting agent that can be used in a wide variety of polymer systems. Also provides release characteristics.

TR 041

A nonionic, ester-based wetting agent for polar fillers and pigments used for improved dispersion and metal release. Contains no metal ions.

TR 055

A combination product designed to offer more external lubricity for improved flow and metal release. It has proven to be very effective in automotive applications to replace traditional lubricants for improved processing and end product properties, including better fogging characteristics.

TR 071

Similar to TR 016 except the calcium ion is replaced by a zinc ion. Works well in HIPS, PS and color concentrates.

TR 219

Blending aid compatibilizer with processing lubricant for use in Nylon 6 and 6,6 compounds.  Also effective in polyester (PET and PBT) compounds.

TR 229

A unique product that is a combination of blending aid compatibilizer with processing lubricant for use in both PC and PC/ABS blends as well as Nylon 6 and 6,6 compounds. It is also ideal for use in recycled applications.

TR 251

A blend of anionic and nonionic surfactants for areas where EBS is being used. An effective dispersant and wetting agent for pigments and fillers in a wide variety of polymer systems.

TR 451

Specifically designed for use in highly loaded mineral filled polyolefins. This unique additive allows compounders to utilize untreated minerals while maintaining or improving the processing and physical property characteristics typically associated with treated minerals.

RP 28

A compatibilizer and blending aid that reduces splay in colored and/or filled polymers. Extremely compatible with polyolefins and PVC, and can be used to increase extrusion output rates. Also for recycling a wide range of polymer streams.

TR 052

A versatile additive that has found many uses in polymer applications such as compatibilization of dissimilar materials, dispersing agent and flow modifier.

TR 121

Oleamide used as a slip agent in polyolefins. Its uniform bloom makes it a valuable flow and release agent in thermoplastics and thermoset elastomers.

TR 131

Erucic acid amide used as a higher temperature slip agent. Its slower migration rate is beneficial for printing films.

TR 141

Stearic acid amide which blooms in an invisible monolayer for surface appearance and antiblocking. Improved surface in rotomolded compounds.


Ethylene bisstearamide wax for a wide range of polymers used for improved dispersion of pigments and fillers and viscosity modification. TR EBS VG is manufactured from high quality vegetable acid with low iodine value.

Carstab DLTDP / Morstille 18C DSTDP

DLTDP and DSTDP thioester secondary antioxidants for use in conjunction with phenolic primary antioxidants in a wide range of polymers.

RP 17

An odor control additive that is effective in polymer systems containing recycled rubber and plastics content. It is ideal for automotive and recycling applications for improving both odor during processing, as well as odor of the final part. It can also be used in polyethylene and polypropylene based wood-plastic composites.

RP 53

May be added during compounding, extrusion or molding to eliminate or mask undesirable odors often associated with the addition of post-industrial or post-consumer recyclate streams or other ingredients used in compounding. 

RP 11 | RP 23 | RP 38

Lubricating viscosity modifiers for polypropylene that provide consistent melt flow change in both virgin and recycled materials. These multi-functional additives are formulated to meet the desired amount of melt change in a given range. Available with odor control additives incorporated as needed, as is the case with RP 23 and RP 38. RP 38 is designed to work well in contaminated mixed recycle streams.

VMO Series

Provide the ability to adjust the melt flow of PP which will result in faster throughput rates and ultimately cost savings.

Metal Stearates

Effective as processing aids, release agents, and /or as lubricants in the rubber and plastics industries.